16 WINCHESTERGUNS.COM STAINLESS STEEL COMPONENTS The trigger housing and all internal components of the M.O.A. Trigger System are constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Trigger Piece Actuator Sear Trigger Housing (1) READY POSITION Take-Up Spring Overtravel Adj. Screw Pull Weight Adj. Screw Sear Return Spring C A B (2) RELEASED POSITION 2X X C A B MODEL 70 ® BOLT-ACTION RIFLES MODEL 70 FEATURES ZERO TAKE-UP Take-up is the distance the trigger piece travels prior to the sear moving toward release and the shooter feeling resistance. The M.O.A. Trigger System uses a spring to eliminate take-up by keeping the trigger piece in constant contact with the actuator. Unlike competitors’ designs, the unique geometry of the M.O.A. pre-loads the entire trigger system to bias out normal manufacturing tolerances. ZERO CREEP Creep is the perceptible movement of the trigger prior to the release of the firing pin and has a negative influence on accuracy, causing inconsistency and uncertainty during the pull of the trigger. Creep contributes to jerking the trigger, thus adding to movement of the gun during firing. The 2:1 mechanical advantage created by the M.O.A. Trigger’s unique design geometry has virtually eliminated creep in the Model 70®. ZERO OVERTRAVEL Overtravel is the rearward movement of the trigger after the firing pin has been released. It can actually jar the gun away from its intended point of aim and is very distracting to the shooter. The M.O.A. Trigger System on the Model 70® is set at the factory to have no perceptible overtravel. When the sear drops, the trigger stops. Where you aim is where you shoot. (1) M.O.A. TRIGGER SYSTEM The M.O.A. Trigger System featured on the Model 70® works on the simple principle of the pivoting lever. Pictured above are the trigger piece (A), actuator (B), and sear (C). The housing and all internal parts, pins and springs are precision crafted from stainless steel. In addition, an electroless Nickel Teflon™ coating is on the sear and actuator for added corrosion resistance and smoother operation. (2) 2:1 MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE The M.O.A.’s trigger piece offers a wide, smooth face to better distribute finger pressure for a lighter, more sensitive feel. Because of its geometry and 2:1 mechanical advantage, the trigger piece travels only half the distance of the actuator (2X). Since this distance is cut in half, the perception of creep and overtravel are virtually eliminated. THE STEEL RECEIVER IS FORGED for superior material properties. Each forging is precision machined to create a strong, stiff and solid receiver that resists flex and delivers top accuracy over a lifetime of shooting. The bottom profile of the Model 70® receiver is flat to offer more surface area for bedding. The receiver is bedded at the front and rear to eliminate shifts in zero and preserve pinpoint accuracy. The flat bottom contour also resists twisting inside the stock during firing, making it superior to the competitions’ round bottom receivers. Every Model 70® has a THREE-POSITION SAFETY that is convenient to operate with the thumb of the firing hand. The design retracts the firing pin away from the sear. When the safety selector is in the middle position, the action can still be operated, allowing unfired cartridges to be cycled with the safety on. It’s smooth to engage and easily identifies, by sight and feel, the safety status of the rifle.