22 The MODEL 1873 rifle is widely credited as being “The Gun That Won the West.” Chambered in several popular handgun calibers of the cowboy era, it’s been produced in carbine, rifle and musket models. Cowboy Action Shooters love the reliable Model 1873 because it fires the same ammo as their revolvers. The MODEL 1885 HIGH WALL rifle was John M. Browning’s first commercial firearm design for Winchester®. This stout falling-block action is so versatile it’s been chambered in pistol cartridges up to the powerful belted magnums. It’s remained the gold standard of single-shot rifles for more than 125 years. Introduced late in the year of 1885, the MODEL 1885 LOWWALL variant of the High Wall rifle has a smaller receiver designed to handle lower-powered cartridges. Offered in rimfire and centerfire chamberings, it’s ideal for target shooting, varmint hunting or whenever delivering one shot with pinpoint accuracy is a must. The MODEL 1886 rifle was John M. Browning’s second design for Winchester®. Robust and accurate, it’s capable of handling the long, powerful black powder “buffalo” cartridges that were popular on the Western Plains. The 45-70 Government is the all-time classic chambering for this legendary rifle design.