Winchester Guns Canada 2019 Catalog

Winchester® historic rifles have long been offered with TRADITIONAL BUTTPLATE DESIGNS including a CRESCENT METAL PLATE , a METAL CARBINE STRAP and several variations of the classic flat SHOTGUN BUTTPLATE . Over the decades Winchester® rear sight designs have included the SEMI-BUCKHORN , the LADDER SIGHT and the VERNIER TANG or TANG PEEP SIGHT . Classic Winchester® firearms are often fitted with a RIFLE FOREARM CAP or a CARBINE BAND to add that authentic touch every cowboy wants. The TRADITIONAL STRAIGHT GRIP and CURVED PISTOL GRIP are two hallmarks of a genuine Winchester® rifle or carbine. CRESCENT CARBINE SHOTGUN RIFLE FOREARM CAP CARBINE BAND STRAIGHT CURVED PISTOL SEMI-BUCKHORN LADDER VERNIER TANG The MODEL 1892™ carbine is the classic American saddle gun. Designed for shorter pistol-class cartridges, it allowed a working cowboy to have a revolver and rifle chambered for the same ammunition. From the silent film era to today’s epic blockbusters, the Model 1892 is the all-time iconic lever-action of American Western cinema. The MODEL 1894® rifle was the quintessential American deep woods gun. Designed for mid-powered rimmed cartridges, the Model 1894 has probably taken more deer than any other gun in history. Every American family ought to have at least one Model 1894 in their collection. The MODEL 1895® rifle was designed with an internal box magazine, allowing the use of pointed bullets and the then-new bottleneck cartridges loaded with smokeless powder. Theodore Roosevelt called it his “Medicine Gun” and used it with great success on his 1909 African safari. The MODEL 71® rifle is a modified version of the Model 1886 introduced by Winchester® in 1935. It’s chambered for the robust 348 Winchester cartridge. Designed for taking deer, black bear and even moose, the Model 71 is also perfect for taking a trophy boar on your next wild hog hunt. 25 h