34 Primer Hull Wad Rib Shot Crimp 5° Forcing Cone Barrel .742" Bore Diameter SUPER X ® 4 AUTOLOADING SHOTGUNS SX4 FEATURES One of the first things experienced shooters notice about the Super X®4 is the gun’s IMPROVED ERGONOMICS . It’s LIGHTER OVERALL and THE CLOSE RADIUS GRIP IS ROUNDED AND MORE COMFORTABLE. The gun’s overall balance point has been moved slightly forward to CREATE A MORE FLUID SWING, BETTER TARGET TRACKING, AND SMOOTHER FOLLOW-THROUGH . The fit and balance of a shotgun stock are critical factors. The Super X®4 comes with polymer LENGTH OF PULL SPACERS that fit between the stock and the recoil pad. When adjusted properly, the shotgun comes to the shoulder with a smooth confidence and felt recoil is greatly diminished. Synthetic stock Super X4 models come with one 1/4" spacer already installed to provide a standard 14 1/4" length of pull, and include one additional spacer in the box (Except Compact Models.) Wood stock models include two 1/4" length of pull spacers in the box. The latest evolution of the INFLEX® TECHNOLOGY RECOIL PAD ON THE SUPER X®4 FURTHER REDUCES FELT RECOIL. Specially shaped rib structures located inside the pad help direct and channel the recoil impulse, moving the comb down and away from the cheek to reduce felt recoil to very manageable levels, even when shooting heavy magnum loads. The pad’s LARGER FOOTPRINT SPREADS RECOIL FORCES OVER A WIDER AREA for greater cushioning. The Super X®4 features a LARGER BOLT HANDLE and an OVERSIZED BOLT RELEASE BUTTON for easy engagement and fast operation. The Nickel Teflon™ coating on the carrier and bolt release button reduces friction and helps prevent corrosion. The Super X®4 features a SPRING-LOADED EJECTOR that throws the empty shell out of the ejection port as soon as it clears the chamber for faster, more reliable operation, regardless of shell length. The larger, easier to operate REVERSIBLE “SAFETY” button on the Super X®4 is located at the rear of the angular-profile trigger guard and is easily reversible for both right- or left- handed shooters. The TRIGGER GUARD IS GENEROUSLY SIZED for easier access. COMPACT MODELS OFFER A 13" LENGTH OF PULL to better fit smaller statured shooters. BACK-BORED TECHNOLOGY is based on extensive research and testing to find the secret to tighter, more consistent patterns. Instead of the traditional bore size of .729", this research shows the ideal 12 gauge interior diameter is .742". If the bore is any larger, the gases will blow by the shot cup and reduce pellet velocity. If the bore is too tight, the pellets are deformed as they pass through the forcing cone, causing poor ballistic performance.