35 WINCHESTERGUNS.COM SUPER X ® 4 AUTOLOADING SHOTGUNS SX4 FEATURES The Super X®4 has a DROP-OUT TRIGGER GROUP that’s easy to remove for detailed cleaning and lubrication. The SELF-ALIGNING BOLT CARRIER LINK makes it easy to reinstall. CHROME-PLATED CHAMBER AND BORE are critical for today’s steel and Hi-Density (HD) shot. Hard chrome makes the surfaces highly resistant to wear and gives you superior protection from rust and corrosion. That’s why all smoothbore Super X®4 shotguns feature a hard-chromed chamber and bore. LOAD DIVERSITY means a Super X®4 can reliably shoot them all, from light factory field shells to heavy magnum waterfowl and turkey loads. The proven Active Valve on the Super X4 makes it the most versatile autoloader on the range, in the marsh, and in the field. From the duck blind to the firing line, the INVECTOR-PLUS™ CHOKE TUBE SYSTEM is the world’s most consistent. Because the threads are located at the bottom of the choke tube they seal out corrosive gases better. The tube’s thicker walls make Invector-Plus chokes much stronger than any other choke tube system, yet they remain easy to remove and clean. They are more concentric with the bore and thus produce more even, consistent shot patterns. The Super X®4 comes with full, modified, and improved cylinder flush-mounted choke tubes so the gun is ready for anything, right out of the box. The proven ACTIVE VALVE GAS SYSTEM automatically self-adjusts to allocate the exact gas pressure necessary to reliably cycle a wide range of loads. When firing the heaviest magnum loads in 3 1/2" models, gases vent upward and are channeled through the forward Quadra-Vent ports for cleaner and more reliable operation. Both 3" and 3 1/2" Super X®4 shotguns will reliably cycle even 1 1/8 oz., 2 3/4" field loads.