38 The latest evolution of the INFLEX® TECHNOLOGY RECOIL PAD ON THE SUPER X®4 FURTHER REDUCES FELT RECOIL. Specially shaped rib structure located inside the pad help direct and channel the recoil impulse, moving the comb down and away from the cheek to reduce felt recoil to very manageable levels, even when shooting heavy magnum loads. The pad’s LARGER FOOTPRINT SPREADS RECOIL FORCES OVER A WIDER AREA for greater cushioning. The Super X®4 features a LARGER BOLT HANDLE and an OVERSIZED BOLT RELEASE BUTTON for easy engagement and fast operation. The Nickel Teflon™ coating on the carrier and bolt release button reduces friction and helps prevent corrosion. The larger, easier to operate AMBIDEXTROUS SAFETY button on the Super X®4 is located at the rear of the angular-profile trigger guard and is easily reversible for both right- or left-handed shooters. The TRIGGER GUARD IS GENEROUSLY SIZED for easier access. COMPACT MODELS OFFER A 13" LENGTH OF PULL to better fit smaller statured shooters.