6 WILDCAT ® AUTOLOADING RIMFIRE RIFLES WILDCAT FEATURES The LOWER RECEIVER ASSEMBLY of the Wildcat® is easily removed from the upper assembly without tools by pushing a single button located at the rear of the upper assembly. The MANUAL SAFETY BUTTON is easily reversible so it’s perfect for both right- and left-handed shooters. The MAGAZINE ejects right into the hand. The magazine release is fully ambidextrous by using the side-mounted rails or the release tab just forward of the magazine. The SLIDE LOCK BUTTON on the front of the trigger guard is used to manually lock the action open for added safety during storage or transport. Release the bolt using the BOLT RELEASE BUTTON located on the left side of the upper assembly, or by pulling back on the cocking handle with a loaded magazine in place. The FULLY-ADJUSTABLE GHOST RING REAR SIGHT and RAMPED POST FRONT SIGHT are easy to see under varying light conditions. A PAIR OF ALLEN WRENCHES , one for adjusting the rear sight and the other for removing the stock, are stored in the lower receiver assembly for easy access. SPEED LOAD/UNLOAD is used to manually relieve spring pressure on the magazine follower. Each cartridge effortlessly slips in or out during loading and unloading. The ROTARY MAGAZINE has metal feed lips that offer longer life and more reliable feeding. The magazine activates the bolt stop system to lock the bolt open after the last shot for safety and convenience. One 10-round magazine is included. The Wildcat®also accepts a wide range of magazines that are compatible with the 10/22®.