64 Today’s Model 101™ features the FAMILIAR DIMENSIONS set long ago by the original. The familiar drop at comb and narrow grip ensure time-tested comfort and performance. Sporting and Field models have a fitted STEEL GRIP CAP to add a touch of graceful elegance. The Model 101™ has the drop on the original with the advantage of a LOW-PROFILE RECEIVER . This means that recoil occurs in-line, directly back for faster follow-up shots with less muzzle jump. Also, the forward hand is placed closer to the bore centerline, bringing the hands, face and sighting plane into a more natural alignment for intuitive and accurate shooting. Every Model 101™ shotgun has FINELY CUT CHECKERING to improve grip and add artistic elegance to the well-figured walnut stock and forearm. An ADJUSTABLE COMB stock allows the shooter to modify individual height and cast on/off for a custom fit in just seconds. (Hex wrench is included.) An ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER SHOE lets you fine tune its fore and aft position to your precise length of pull for more comfortable shooting on Pigeon Trap and Sporting models. (Hex wrench is included.) Getting pounded by recoil is now a thing of the past with the patented PACHMAYR® DECELERATOR® RECOIL PAD found on all Model 101™ shotguns. The Pachmayr pad on the Sporting model has a snag-free heel for fast and easy shouldering.